favicon_72x72Every child with a feeding tube is unique, and each one faces unique challenges. But, virtually all require a little assistance with tube sites (stomas), equipment, feeding tolerance and feeding schedules, or emergencies such as a tube being pulled out. This section will help you through all these common challenges.

Tube Sites

Sometimes a child’s tube site or stoma has problems with leakage, infection, irritation, or tissue growth. Usually these are minor and can be easily resolved. This section of our website takes a look at these potential complications and offers preventative tips, as well as information on diagnosing and treating problems. It includes pages on Granulation TissueInfections at or around the site, Leakage from or around the tube, and Site Closure after tube removal.

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No matter what, your feeding pump will beep or alarm unexpectedly, or your will end up with a clogged tube or out-of-place tube. This section of the website will help you troubleshoot problems related to equipment malfunction or tube malfunction. It includes pages on Feeding Pump Errors and Alarms, which includes links to inline tutorials and manuals, as well as pages on Tube Clogs and GJ-tubes that have migrated out-of-place.

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Feeding Intolerance

Some of the most common questions we get, as well as the most significant, have to do with children who are not tolerating their feeds. They may have pain, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, or other uncomfortable symptoms. If your child is not tolerating feeds, we have many suggestions for improving his comfort and health. Get started on our Feed Intolerance page. Information specific to individual symptoms can be found on our pages on Retching, Vomiting, Constipation, Gas/Bloating, and Diarrhea. Finally, find out how to handle an Illness, such as a cold or stomach bug, or Bacterial Overgrowth.

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At some point or another, the feeding tube will get pulled out or you will experience another tube-related emergency. This section of our website is devoted to emergency situations and preparedness. Get started with general Preparedness to make sure you have a plan. Our page on Tube Pullouts will help you prepare, prevent, and calmly handle times when the tube comes out. Finally, learn how to prepare for tube feeding during a Power Outage.

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