Taping is an art, and there is definitely a process of trial and error to find what works best for you and your child. Often a piece of an extra thin dressing called Duoderm is placed on the skin, the nasal tube is run on top of it, and then a clear Tegaderm dressing is applied on top.

Here is a common method:

  1. Prior to placing the NG-tube, clean and dry the cheek and apply a piece of Duoderm Extra Thin to the cheek.
  2. Insert the tube and lay it on top of the Duoderm.
  3. Secure the tube to the Duoderm with a piece of Tegaderm.
  4. Add a small strip of tape closer to the nose (Durapore works well for this).
  5. Tape tube to clothing at the back of the neck to keep the end of the tube accessible.




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