Rarely, the stoma or tube site may become infected. Infection is uncommon in children with healthy immune systems.

The signs of infection are:

  • Angry, red, or red-streaked stoma
  • Weepy, oozing, or pus-filled stoma
  • Cellulitis on or near the site
  • Foul or unusual smell
  • Pain or sensitivity when the feeding tube is touched
  • Fever

Sometimes stomas can be infected in the tract on the inside, so there may be no visible signs besides pain and tenderness.

Consult your child’s doctor if you suspect an infection. The doctor may perform a culture of the site, and may prescribe topical antibiotics, and in some cases oral antibiotics, to treat the infection.

Granulation tissue is NOT an infection. See our page on Granulation tissue for more information on identifying and treating it.