favicon_72x72Whether you are a medical professional, a parent, or another type of caregiver, we have resources for you! This section of the website contains clinician resources for medical professionals, nurses, therapists, dietitians, and industry professionals. It also includes links for products, programs, supplies, and other resources, such as organizations and camps, that are relevant to parents and caregivers.

Clinician Resources

This section of our website has been developed specifically for medical professionals, including physicians, nurses, therapists, dietitians, and industry professionals. Find general information on our Clinician Information page, including information on signing up for our Clinician Newsletter and obtaining patient materials. Download Patient Materials or use our easy form to Request Patient Materials that can be distributed. Finally, see our list of past and upcoming Events, Presentations, and Publications.

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Useful Products

There are many products that may make tube feeding easier for you. This section of our website includes a wide variety of different products you may find helpful. We include G/GJ Tube Pads, G/GJ Tube Belts, Tube Holders and Securement DevicesBackpacks, Beds and Inclines, Adaptive Clothing, Sensory Products, and Other Products. Make sure to also check out our fundraising store, Tubie Love Gear, for shirts in all sizes, buttons, tattoos, bags, and other products with our logo and other fun designs.

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There are certain federal and state programs that may be very helpful to you and your child. We’ve provided information on many of them here, including Medicaid and Medicaid Waivers, Early Intervention, and programs related to Travel Assistance.

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Product and Supply Resources

This page contains resources on Working with Medical Supply Companies,  Products and Manufacturers of feeding tubes, feeding pumps, enteral formula, and manufacturer support pages. It also includes detailed information on the transition to the new ENFit style for supplies as well as a page of ENFit Products. Do you need help paying for enteral formula or obtaining supplies? Supplies can be expensive and difficult to get covered by insurance and Medicaid. This section of our website provides information on Enteral Formula Coverage, as well as various groups or organizations that facilitate Medical Supply and Formula Exchange.

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Special Needs Resources

Do you need more information about special needs or disabilities? This section of our website includes external links to Organizations and Camps. It also includes detailed information on Special Education.

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