Product Description
Tubie Friends tubie_friends_logo Tubie Friends makes stuffed animals that match your child! Your child’s friend can have an NG, G, or GJ-tube or button, as well as a trach, central line, or other medical technologies. Each friend is specially adapted by a Tubie Surgeon. Tubie Friends are provided for free; however, they request a small donation to cover shipping costs.
Tickle Me Tubies Gift Basket Tube feeding gift baskets of various sizes. Perfect for new tube feeding families or a friend needing some love.
bFed System Complete system for administering real foods. Large and small cap extension sets for directly administering blended pouches or commercial foods; reusable bags for directly administering blenderized diet feeds. Also sells ENFit syringes, filling kits, and other helpful feeding tools.
Feeding Friends Stickers Feeding Friends NG & NJ feeding tube stickers securely hold a nasal feeding tube in place. They extend the normal function of dressing retention sheets by providing fun and colorful designs on the tape. Also, feeding friends stickers can be used as a multi-functioning tape, making dressings for PICC lines, Central lines, Nasal Cannulas and other types of dressings more kid friendly.
Tubie Doodles Tubie Doodles specialises in Medical Tube Stickers for Children in the UK. Adorable feeding tube stickers securely hold a nasal feeding tube or oxygen in place.
Handsocks Socks for the hands to prevent pulling out an NG-tube or other medical device.
Lauren’s Hope Medical ID Alert Bracelets Fun customizable options for girls and boys.
American Medical ID Medical bracelets, IDs, and ID jewelry.
TigTagz 4 Kidz ID Bracelets Tig Tagz are personalized disposable wristbands for kids. They are waterproof, tear proof, sweat resistant and fun to wear. They were created by a tubie momma who was concerned if her g-tube child was separated from her in a public place.
EnClean A brush designed to clean ENFit connections.
LemonDrops Handmade insulated covers for feed bags, pump cover, syringe totes, connector cover, tube clips, Farrell bag cover.
Boulevard Designs Handmade insulated covers for feed bags or Farrell bags, tube clips, cord covers.
LoulaBellie Pump covers; bag hooks and clips.
Medi Teddy Adorable teddy bear cover for feeding and IV bags. For purchase or through their nonprofit.