This page contains two types of products: tube holders and securement devices for various types of tubes. Tube holders are designed for those who syringe feed, and provide an extra helping hand by holding the syringe during feeding. We also include clips designed to hold the tubing itself and secure it to clothing or a diaper. Medport securement devices are designed to either keep together the feeding set and extension set, or prevent little fingers from accessing the connection. These devices come in soft plastic, hard plastic, and handmade fabric styles. Medical stickers secure nasal feeding tubes and oxygen tubes.

Product Description
Buckwheat Feeding Tube Holder The Buckwheat Feeding Tube Holder securely holds a syringe for bolus feeds. It was developed for an adult with ALS for self-feeding.
FreeArm FreeArm can hold a syringe, gravity bag, or feeding pump/bag to assist with feeding. Portable and able to be clamped almost anywhere.
EazyHold EazyHold™ is a simple but innovative silicone universal cuff that easily attaches to tools, toys, utensils and more! It enables children and adults with limited or no grip strength to accomplish all the necessary acts of daily living, and helps to achieve a more independent lifestyle.
Tubie Tools Syringe holder and extension set drying rack.
LoulaBellie Handcrafted clips, bag clips, and port covers.
Tubie Clip and Tubie Grip Clip Tubie Clips™ were designed to hold tubes in place and support the weight of the tubes. Tubie Grip Clips™ have the addition of silicone strips along the inside for added “gripping” action and additional security. When used with a feeding tube it can help to prevent irritation at the stoma due to the weight of the tube pulling downwards by supporting the weight of the tube. It can also be used to help secure and support IV tubing. It can be clipped to a waistband, shirt, backpack, or anywhere else you need support. It can also be used to keep extra tubing coiled neatly.
Boulevard Designs Tube Clip Patterned clips that can be used to secure feeding tubes and IV lines.
LemonDrops Cord Clip Patterned clips that can be used to secure feeding tubes and IV lines.
NeoGrip These clip-on holders are great for attaching tubes, cables, and circuits. Metal clip with velcro tube holder.
Crafting for a Cure Co Tube Clips Tube clips in a wide range of colors and patterns with snaps and pacifier clasps.
Abilitee Adaptive Wear Plastic clip that can hold and secure tubes to clothing or other devices. Ships internationally.
AMT Clamp The AMT Clamp hold the extension set and the feeding bag tubing together. Works on MicKey and AMT extension sets. It can often be covered by insurance with a script from your doctor and can be ordered by medical suppliers.
TubieGuard Plastic device that prevents disconnection of the feeding set from the extension set.
Button Hugs MedPort Cover Fabric medport cover to prevent removal of the feeding set from the extension set.
Gotz G Padz MedPort Cover Fabric medport cover to prevent removal of the feeding set from the extension set.
Tubie Pockets Pockets that hold NG/NJ tubes or extension sets when not in use.
Grip-Lok Medical grade securement devices that can hold any type of feeding tube, IV line, or catheter. Available in many sizes and styles. Can be requested from your home health agency or purchased through Amazon.
Feeding Friends Stickers Feeding Friends NG & NJ feeding tube stickers securely hold a nasal feeding tube in place. They extend the normal function of dressing retention sheets by providing fun and colorful designs on the tape. Also, feeding friends stickers can be used as a multi-functioning tape, making dressings for PICC lines, Central lines, Nasal Cannulas and other types of dressings more kid friendly.
Cheeky Creations UK Customized medical tape for children. Based in the UK.
Shines Tapes Medical in numerous patterns for tubes and oxygen. UK-based.
Tubie Cheeks Customized tape to secure NG tubes, with numerous designs. UK-based.
Tubie Doodles Tubie Doodles specialises in Medical Tube Stickers for Children in the UK. Adorable feeding tube stickers securely hold a nasal feeding tube or oxygen in place.