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favicon_72x72Day-to-day life can be challenging for children with feeding tubes and their families. There are, of course, practical issues that must be handled, such as how to feed on-the-go, at school, or overnight. But there are also emotional issues to navigate for both children and their families. This section of the website will help you—and your friends and family—to learn to navigate life with a feeding tube like a pro!

Emotional Support

We know emotions can be all over the place when your child gets a feeding tube. Not only that, but family, friends, and siblings may have concerns and questions. Sometimes there are negative comments or inappropriate questions. This section provides assistance for tackling hard questions, and dealing with family and friends. We have sections on how to handle Birthdays and Holidays, information for Siblings, helpful ideas and information for Family and Friends, and specific answers to common Tough Questions you may be asked. In addition, this section has special pages that are just for fun, including Feeding Tube Fun and Tubie Love Ink. Finally, we have information on obtaining or creating Feeding Tube Dolls and Stuffed Animals to help your child adjust to having a feeding tube.

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Feeding Methods

How do you feed? This section takes you through the various methods of feeding, including the equipment you will be using. If you are using a feeding pump, get started on Feeding Pumps and Sets, and then check out Continuous Overnight Feeding or Continuous Daytime Feeding if they are relevant to you. For children receiving intermittent feeds, regardless of method, see our Bolus, Gravity, and Intermittent Feeds page. Finally, learn all about Syringes, Extension Sets, and Other Supplies that you may need to feed.

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On the Go

You don’t need to sit at home just because your child has a feeding tube. It is possible to feed on-the-go! We have pages dedicated to the various times you may need to feed outside the home, and how to make this happen, both emotionally and logistically. Get started with Tube Feeding in Public for an overview. If your child receives childcare or attends school, see our pages on feeding while at Daycare or Childcare and Feeding at School. Finally, it is possible to get outside into nature, go swimming, or see the world. Our pages on SwimmingCamping, and Traveling with a feeding tube will help you and your child navigate through the best of life.

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Oral Eating

Many children with feeding tubes also eat orally, and many children wean off their feeding tubes. Our section on oral eating will provide information on overcoming Oral Aversions and seeking out Feeding Therapy. If your child is medically ready to wean off the feeding tube, our page on Weaning contains general information and parent stories about weaning.

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