Button pads can help absorb leakage from the stoma and tube and help to reduce irritation and inflammation around and under the tube. Many parents and doctors feel that they help reduce and prevent granulation tissue. And, they are fun when so little about tube feeding is.

The number of makers in this area have exploded. We have shared more information when makers have provided it. We also provide the closure type and the shape since parents often have preferences. Many makers are tube feeders or parents/caregivers of tube feeders. Prices and fabrics vary. We recommend asking about possible wait times as some makers produce products to order.

Products are listed in alphabetical order.

Maker Type Notes
Abilitee Adaptive Wear velcro, honeycomb Ships internationally.
Adam’s Button Buddies snap, round
Adorabelly Designs snap, varied
aHa Designs snap, varied
Bags of Style snap, round Made in the U.K.
Bamboo Magic snap, round Made in the U.K.
Bingo Bags rectangular, full cover Combination pad and cover that covers the entire button
Butterfly Beginnings Sewing and Embroidery snap, round or square
Button Cuddlers velcro, round with top cover
Carrie-Lou Crafts snap, round Made in the U.K.
Cloud Twine snap, round
Coobywear snap, round Made in the U.K.
Creations by Winslow snap, round/heart
Cutie P Tubies snap, round
Fashion Tubies G-tube Pads snap, round
GotPadz snap, round
Groovy Tubies snap, round Made in U.K. Cotton/bamboo
Happy Face Apparel velcro, round Waterproof
Happy Tubies snap, round Made in the Netherlands, also available in Belgium
Inspired for Baby snap, round Made in Canada
Julia’s G-tube pads snap, round
KangaRoo-tique velcro, round
Ladybugz Gettin’ Crafty slit or button-hole, various shapes
LemonDrops snap, round
Little Kakapo snap, round Bamboo. Made in New Zealand.
Little Things are Here snap, round
My Button Buddies velcro, round
My Onceuopon atime slit or snap, various shapes Made in the U.K.
Nerds ‘N Stitches snap, round Will donate pads.
Peanut’s Stitching Post snap/velcro, round
Rebecca’s Whims velcro, round
Ruby’s Special Clothes for Special People snap, round Made in the U.K.
Sew Amazing Creations – Tubie Ticklers snap, round
Sew Domesticated snap, multi Made in the U.K.
Sew Knot Loopy snap, round
SNAP – Custom Creations snap, round
Special Stitches for Special Needs snap, round
Stacy Rae Creations snap, round
Team Russcher snap, round
That’s SEW You! Button Hugs velcro, round
The Button Buddy snap, round
Thrivin’ Not Survivin’ snap/slit, various shapes
Tickle Me Tubies snap/velcro, round
Tiny Tubies snap, round
Tube-a-licious button-hole, round
Trendie Tubies velcro, round
Tubie Love snap, round Made in New Zealand
Tubie Whoobies snap, various shapes
Tummy Love snap, round