These protective belts help to keep hands away from their tubes and can help to protect from accidental pulling and removal. More protective belts can even be used during sports. Many makers do custom designs and have a selection of fabric. Makers are listed in alphabetical order.

Maker Description
Abilitee Adaptive Wear Feeding tube belts and waistbands. Feeding tube belts are made from breathable perforated neoprene with Velcro panels to provide security and comfort and are available in infant through adult sizes. Soft compression waistbands  cover G or GJ tubes and provide support. Made in the US, ships internationally.
Benik G-Tube Protective Belt Benik’s JA-10G G-tube Protective Belt provides comfortable coverage, care and protection of a gastrostomy feeding tube (G-tube) button, while allowing convenient access. Belts can often be covered by insurance if ordered by a Physical or Occupational Therapist or Physician.
BundieBaby Bundie Belt 100% cotton flannel belt for gastrostomy feeding tube or port. Storage for foley tube and/or nursing pad to absorb leaks.
Care A Line Ready to order in 2 packs. Made from 94% cotton and 6% spandex.
Cecily’s Closet Cecily’s Closet makes fabric wraps to protect the G- or J-tube site. Comfortable for kids. Peace of mind for parents! FREE for anyone in San Diego. Due to increased demand, a $20.00 donation is requested for non-San Diego families to cover fabric and shipping costs.
Fashion Tubies  Cloth belly wraps with matching tube pads.
GotPadz Custom fabric belts
Groovy Tubies Belts with a window opening in the front and velcro closure. Additional padding for site available. Also makes line covers.
Gus Gear Custom covers for ostomy pouches, feeding tubes, central lines and more!
Healthfully Healing Central line and port wrap for children. Made of 100% cotton and has hook and velcro closures to adjust fit.
Kayci’s Kreations G-tube pads and belts
KangaRoo-tique Offers G-tube pads and belts, as well as trach pads.
Tubie Love Made in New Zealand!
TUUBEZZ Custom and ready made belts in a variety of sizes, including adult sizes.