This section of the website brings together resources that can help you work with your patient families. We draw heavily from our experiences as parents of children who are tube fed, and the best practices we have encountered in working with clinicians across disciplines.
Feeding Tube Awareness is a wonderful resource! It is full of the kind of practical wisdom and empathy that can only come from parents. — Ellen Shaw, CPNP Columbia Children’s Complex Care Program
New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital

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Featured Resource

Patient Education Materials

Visit our Education Materials page for a complete list of downloadable educational materials for patients and families.


Parent Guide – English

This is the guide that we, as parents, would have wanted when we were first told that our children needed to be tube fed. This guide offers:

  • Words of encouragement from parents
  • Myths and facts about tube feeding that address parent concerns
  • Common terms associated with tube feeding
  • Descriptions of different ways to give tube feedings
  • What parents need to know about nasal, gastric, and gastrojejunal feeding tubes
  • Getting to know enteral supplies, including color photos of commonly used supplies
  • Questions to ask
  • Basic troubleshooting at home
This guide will continue to be updated as new products are released for Safe Enteral Connections.
Download the booklet as a PDF Download. Hard copies are available for use with your patient families free of charge. For more information, Request Copies using our simple form or contact us at [email protected].



Parent Guide – Spanish

The parent guide is now available in Spanish as a PDF Download.

Family and Friends Guide – English

The Family and Friends guide is great way to help patient families get the support they need from loved ones. The guide offers basic information about tube feeding and outlines ways to provide emotional and other types of support. It is available as a PDF Download.

Additional Educational Materials

Visit our Education Materials page for a complete list of downloadable educational materials for patients and families.

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