BoyBookThumbnailImage_114212926_std My Tubey Books

Written by Rhiannon Merritt-Rubadue, a former tubie momma, whose daughter was tube-fed until the age of three. She decided to write children’s books about feeding tubes because none were available. A Day in the Life of a Tube Fed Boy/Girl is appropriate for ages 1 to 7.

mybellyhastwobuttons My Belly Has Two Buttons

Follow Nico as he tells you what makes him special and why he loves his button.

My Belly has Two Buttons is about a little boy named Nico, and he tells you what makes him special…his 2nd button! Or Feeding Tube and all the things it does for him.

The Adventures of Team Super Tubie

While their parents think they are sleeping, three brave Super Tubies – Camden, Marcel, and Lola – get calls on the Tubie Message Center and have to spring into action. Will the power from their feeding tubes help these superheroes save the day?

In the empowering Adventures of Team Super Tubie, a diversity of tubes – a G-tube, an NG-tube, and TPN – are used as these heroes fight fires, battle dragons, and capture bank thieves. Being a Super Tubie has never been so much fun!

My_Special_Line My Special Line

A new children’s book created by ThriveRx for children with Central Venous Lines. This book is the first in a series of books designed for children growing up on TPN.

It is intended as an early reader or read-to-me book. The book addresses the importance of good line care in a simplified manner with rhyme and repetition. It focuses on basic line care: keeping it safe, clean and dry. In addition, it also shows that even with a line a kid can still be a kid. The main character has a central line and the book stresses recognizing the line as part of their body, hand washing and keeping the line clean and dry.

For more information and ordering information email [email protected] or call 888.684.7483.

Books--element132 Eating Isn’t Always Easy

The story of a young boy with Eosinophilic Esophagitis. The story follows Ben as he has trouble eating, gets diagnosed and works with his GI to find safe foods.

51qGHBAN99L._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_ Wait, No Sushi?

By Alana Terry, the mother of a child who is tube fed. One of the main characters in the book has a feeding tube and wears his backpack! For an older child.

when_my_brother_got_a_g_tube When My Brother Got a G-tube

Jordan Tarbutton’s brother Cooper was born with medical problems. He had to undergo a number of procedures to help him cope with his difficulties. One procedure included insertion of a gastric tube into his stomach to feed him. Jordan was so proud of her little brother that she wrote and illustrated this story about his G-tube to celebrate his bravery and determination. The love she has for Cooper glows from every page.


This Raina Telgemeier graphic novel features a child with cystic fibrosis who uses a respiratory vest, feeding tube, feeding pump, and formula.

Emma’s Special Tummy

Emma’s Special Tummy is about a little girl who is diagnosed with EoE and gets a feeding tube. The author remembers how
scary this journey was when her daughter was young, and wanted to create something children could relate to. A soft Emma doll to go along with the book will be released in late June 2018.

  I Eat Differently

This shows the story of a little girl that has a feeding tube, or g-tube. Maya walks you through her day to day life with a feeding tube and all that means.

Tubie Kids Like Me

This fun, rhyming book is ideal for helping tube-fed children feel special and accepted. It’s the charming story of a little girl with a G-tube who tells us how her feeding tube helps her stay strong and healthy, why she is proud of her body and the way she can still do anything other kids can do.

The Hospital Hoppities

Ollie spends a lot of time in hospital, and sometimes it’s very boring indeed. But one day he discovers the magical rabbits who live there and joins them as they do their good deeds around the wards. Ollie can be a hero too!

Features a character with an NG tube and central line.

Bobby B. Button

Join Bobby, as he and his sister and friends get whisked away on exciting magical adventures and explore the world! The Bobby B. Button Series introduces children to the concept that they might not all be the same, but that differences can be extraordinary and amazing……and most of all….an adventure. A fun, lighthearted book for readers ages 6-10.

EOE Warrior

Food is a basic need for life. We depend on food to nourish and fuel our bodies. So what do you do when food isn’t good for your body? Noelle is a three-year-old girl who suffers from a rare allergic and inflammatory disease of the esophagus called Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE). Because of this disease, Noelle has never eaten a meal. Currently, the disease prevents her from being able to eat any food at all and she completely relies on a special medical formula that flows through a tube in her tummy to provide her with the essentials nutrients to live and grow. Join Noelle as she expresses her thoughts and feelings associated with this disease. Despite the challenges she faces each day, she remains BRAVE, COURAGEOUS and STRONG, determined to help others like her and support research for a cure.

feeding tube safety book Feeding Tube Safety for Kids

Kids with feeding tubes can have fun like everyone else, but they have to know how to be safe. Learn about the digestive system, different types of feeding tubes and how to take care of them, with kid-friendly illustrations and language.

My Gastrostomy Tube

Tommy is an identical twin who has a gastrostomy tube. He tries to explain simply what a gastrostomy tube is and how it is helpful for kids like him. He wants others to know that his gastrostomy tube does not make him different and that he can still do activities they do too. Tommy hopes to make other children with gastrostomy tubes to take pride in their medical devices.

BookCoverImage Complete Tubefeeding

The late Eric Aadhaar O’Gorman was a happy owner of a feeding tube. He combined the best and latest medical research with insights from his and others’ real-world tube feeding experiences. This helpful handbook provides comprehensive and compassionate coverage of all aspects of tube feeding and nutrition via tube, including:

  • The different types of enteral feeding tubes, their placement, use and care, with loads of useful tips and tricks to make living with a feeding tube easy as can be.
  • Tube nutrition, with sections on commercially available formulas, as well as a detailed approach to a blended diet (sometimes known as a blenderized diet) – how to use real food for tube feeding while ensuring complete nutrition and stress-free management of blending.
  • Commonly faced problems with tubefeeding, discussed at length and with solutions presented, ranging from possible medical complications to psychological and emotional issues and the impact on family life.
Cooking for Tubies

25 blenderized diet recipes by a dietitian and a nurse

Cooking for Tubies is a cookbook and guidebook full of recipes and tips for preparing blenderized diets for tube feeding or liquid diets. Recipe categories include blenderless blends, recipes for the whole family including your tubie, delicious treats, and some go-to, basic blends. Each recipe includes nutritional facts and carbohydrate/fat/protein ratio along with ideas for substitutions. Recipes are designed to be balanced and full of nourishing ingredients. Happy blending!

HBF+Front+Cover Homemade Blended Formula Handbook

The book contains 35 reproducible chapters and 16 food reference charts. It was written by both Suzanne Evans Morris and Marsha Dunn Klein, as well as parents of children who are fed by tube, a physician, and two dietitians. The book is designed as a reference and “how to” for parents and professionals who together are making the choice to try a homemade blended diet for tube feeding.

Tasting_Life Tasting Life

Written by one of the first people to live at home receiving IV nutrition (TPN) in the 1980s, this is an inspiring story of living life despite chronic illness. Inalee Koonin and her husband, Marshall, founded LifeLine, an organization that raised awareness of TPN and connected people living on alternative nutrition. The organization merged with the Oley Foundation.