Many children with feeding tubes also have reflux and find that sleeping on an incline can help to reduce reflux. Also, children who are more medically complex may require adaptations that may make a traditional bed or a hospital bed unsafe. Specialized beds and inclines are often covered by insurance with letters of medical necessity. For more information on obtaining a bed, see this article on Funding for Specialty Medical Beds from Complex Child.

See also our page on Continuous Overnight Feeding for ideas to adapt regular beds with rails and gates.


Product Description
Comfy Lift Bed The Comfy Lift bed is designed to position older children for the relief of GERD and sleep apnea.
Natural Reflux Relief Offers the AR pillow, Tucker Sling and wedges for teens and adults.
Tucker Sling and Wedge The Tucker Sling is an infant positioning system that keeps infants elevated at 30 degrees.


Product Description
Beds by George Beautifully crafted beds that are built to order. Normal height and high with double-height sides available. Full side, split side, and high side rails available with a choice of several designs. Fully articulating (electric), manual crank, or fixed height available. Many different styles, stains, and finishing touches are available. Design prevents entrapment.
Hard Manufacturing Beds Crib-style hospital beds. Available in a variety of colors and styles, including princess and race-car. Full crib-style rails with padding available. Full enclosure and IV pole attachment available. Articulating frames available, either electric or crank.
KayserBetten Unique, colorful design with a combination of crib-style rails and windows. Various heights available, including one that allows angling of the entire bed. Multiple articulating frames available. Pressure-reducing mattress available. Many accessories, including canopy, storage items, padding, and a play bar, are available.
Pedicraft Canopy Bed Canopy-style bed that is fully enclosed. Cute fabrics. Padded bed rails. Available with a head elevation manual crank. Height adjustable (manual crank) model available.
Privacy Pop Bed tent with light-blocking sides, zip-down doors, and mesh windows. Available in all bed sizes and many colors/patterns.
The Safety Sleeper A fully enclosed, portable bedframe for children and adults with special needs. It is tent-like and fits most twin-sized mattresses. Lightweight and takes minutes to assemble.
SleepSafe Bed Wood beds available in wide variety of styles, including normal height, medium, and high with double-height rails. See through full rails on all beds. Fixed or articulating mattress (raised head and foot). Pressure-reducing memory foam mattresses. Entrapment-reduction design. Available with a high-low feature that allows the entire bed to be raised or lowered. Also available with IV pole, padded rails, or extra windows.