Backpacks are essential for feeding kids on the go, whether you carry the pack for them or they wear it. While there are specialized backpacks made for feeding pumps, any small backpack with slight modifications can be used for feeding. Insurance will sometimes cover the standard backpack for your pump, check with your medical supplier.

Maker Description
Abilitee Adaptive Wear Modified children’s backpacks to accommodate feeding and other pumps in fox and owl styles. Insulated bag. Ships internationally.
Affordable Feeding Tube Backpacks for Kids Modified children’s backpacks to accommodate feeding pumps
Cutie P Tubies Modified children’s backpacks to accommodate feeding pumps
Feeding Essentials Backpacks to accommodate the Moog, Joey and TPN pumps
GotPadz Modified children’s backpacks
Kangaroo Joey Kangaroo ePump™ accessories are designed to allow for the use of the pump in a variety of settings
LaluCottage Modified backpacks for feeding pumps, as well as ice pack covers/holders for feeding bags.
Moog-Zevex Mini and Super Mini Backpacks for the Moog Infinity Pump in two sizes
Re.tro.fied Handmade backpacks for tube feeding. Custom backpacks available.
Super Feed Bags Adapted backpacks and lunchbags.
Tubie2Go Canada-based and part of a non-profit. Affordable modified backpacks.
TubieeGo UK-based. Adapted backpacks for all pumps or let them adapt a bag of your choice.